Problem: Corrosive Air Streams, Solution...

When dealing with the exhaust of corrosive air streams, whether it be in laboratories, pool chemical rooms or Universities, sometimes the corrosive resistant duct itself needs to pass through occupied spaces.  This can make the material choice for these types of applications difficult.  On one hand, you need a material that can stand up to the harsh chemical airstreams, some that even stainless steel can’t handle, while at the same time this very same duct needs to be rated for both low flame and low smoke to satisfy Fire Code.  In the past, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Duct fabricated entirely from vinylester resin has been used with the additional  expense of applying external fire wrapping or intumescent paint.



So there is the problem, now for the Solution.


FRP Solutions by Monoxivent fabricates Hybrid Lab Duct for corrosive applications that require a Class 1 rating for both flame and smoke.  The interior of the duct is constructed of a vinylester resin, chosen for whatever the corrosive agent may be. The structural and external layers of the duct however are composed of our Modified Acrylic resin.  This Acrylic resin, typically used in our UnderDuct HVAC Solution, has passed the ASTM E-84 test for both flame and smoke without the addition of expensive traditional fire treatments.  This Hybrid Solution provides the perfect answer for exhausting corrosive materials through occupied spaces.  You can learn more about our Hybrid Solution here: http://fiberglass-duct.