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Titus ebooks is a digital version of Titus' print literature with added interactive content such as videos and web links.  Additionally, all Titus Podcasts are delivered straight to your device!

Titus ar

 Titus AR is an augmented reality app that allows you to unlock HIDDEN CONTENT in Titus' printed literature.  


COOKTOOLS is like having the Cookbook in your back pocket...  Well it IS having the Cookbook in your back pocket, literally.  As well as a DuctDesigner, Fan Law Calculator, Sound Calculator and Area Calculator.  Is the app you need. 

titus ebooks

Teams mobile is a mobile site that allows you to make VAV and FTU selections on the go

Cook Select is the NEW way to select a fan on the go.  You can generate submittals on your mobile phone and email them in pdf to yourself or anyone in just a few clicks

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