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LANGENDORF Seminars & Cookout

The Day's Events:


Doors Open for Continental Breakfast


SEMINAR 1: (PDH) Titus CV and Chilled Beam and the NEW RevolutionTFX Air Handlers


SEMINAR 2: (PDH) Cook Vari-Flow Motors, Belt vs Direct Drive Selections, New Selection considerations based on ASHRAE standards, VFD applications


SEMINAR 3: (PDH) Ruskin Rated Damper Update, Wind-driven Rain Louver benefits and Low Leakage INSULATED dampers


SEMINAR 4: Tempmaster Packaged Equipment major product review for new and retrofit application


SEMINAR 5: (PDH) YASKAWA AC Drives and motor theory and compatiblity, New AC drive and motor technologies


SEMINAR 6: (CEU and PDH) DuraDuct No weld exhaust duct solutions (Bolt-Together Grease Duct) and passive fire protection in HVAC Systems (Fire-rated duct and enclosures)

MINI-SEMINARS (throughout the day, at your leisure)

Each will be 10 mins long.  

3 Seminars = 0.5 PDH Credit

American Gas Safety * AMPCO * Cambridge * Loren Cook * DuctSox * DuraSystems * Entrematic * Envirco * Gripple * Linx (formerly Lindab) * Monoxivent / Underduct * Nibco  * PermAlert * PoweredAire * Rehau * Ruskin * Tempmaster * Titus * Yaskawa

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