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HVAC Duct Underground? How about under…..Penguins?

In 2013, the Kansas City Zoo in Kansas City, MO opened the state of the art penguin exhibit known as the Helzberg Penguin Plaza. Featuring several penguin species from around the world, the penguin habitat required constant chilled air delivered through an extremely corrosive environment. Not just any HVAC duct was going to stand up to the challenge.

So there was the problem, now for the Solution.

Monoxivent’s UnderDuct was chosen to serve as the HVAC duct to run from the third floor mechanical room, down through the visitor's gallery and then into and under the penguin enclosure. This Class 1 FRP duct was accepted for use by local Code Officials because of its low flame and low smoke rating while standing up to the corrosive nature of the enclosure's salt water environment. You can read more about this successful application here:

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