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It's Holiday Time!

Happy Holidays!

From the desk of Jeff Love, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all this time of year!

My Observations.............
I know many of you have found this month to be a convenient time to use up all of your vacation.
I know you think that was a great idea.
I know you didn't consider if I wanted to call you at work.
I forgive you. (I wonder if you will find my reference to hot cocoa in this post?)

Hopefully, you are starting to figure out my dry sense of humor. Or maybe you don't have a sense of humor and you just find me strange. Who knows?

Either way, I DO hope you find me if you have any questions at all about the products or manufacturers we represent in Indiana.

(That was called a transition to something slightly more work related)


Next, we say HAPPY NEW YEAR! For those HAPPY with bitter cold, we have January!

January is that wonderful time of the year to consider a webinar.

I have a few ideas for that, surprising, right?

Idea 1: I could spend time walking you through CookSelect, Cook's online fan scheduling website.

Idea 2: I could link up with a manufactuer, and we could review their products or answer questions.

Idea 3: Cuddle around a warm fire and watch the webinar sipping hot cocoa.


Hey! Is anyone going to AHR in Chicago?

AHR Expo

Let me know. We may be able to catch up for a chat there.


Jeff Love is the Marketing Engineer with Langendorf Supply Co. - Indianapolis. Keep watch for more interesting articles, product highlights, and announcements each week.

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