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Steamy Product Highlight or a Radiant Way to Warm up?

By Jeff Love, EIT

Qmark Radiant Heater

During the summer we usually do not hear as many complaints about cold feet or at what temperature the office thermostat is set, right? Wrong. The battle over office temperature is an all-year thing. Why? Because people are different, period. I have seen locks placed on thermostats, AND I have seen broken locks on thermostats. In the end, we want to be comfortable in the workplace.

There are several standards like ASHRAE Standard 55 that address thermal comfort. Recall, one of the goals is that 80% of occupants do not object to the ambient condition. How about those other 20%? You may see fans, space heaters, arguments, and baseball bats appear! Comfort, or lack thereof, can create quite a contentious environment. Adhering to standards is great, but sometimes it lacks addressing the complete picture.

Here is a product from Qmark that might just replace the noisy, and sometimes unsafe, space heater. I know some companies have even banned space heaters due to fire risk. Well, you may have an option after all. Here is the 202SL Series Under Desk Heater. Depending on your type of desk setup, this radiant heater just may do the trick all year long to keep those toes warm and

simmering tempers in check. It is even safe to touch and portable. Leave the arguments behind.

Warming your feet under your desk

Are there other options to address this comfort battle? Yes. Stay tuned for some

plan and spec options. In the meantime, check out this radiant heater to see if it may address your immediate needs.


Jeff Love is the Marketing Engineer with Langendorf Supply Co. - Indianapolis. Keep watch for more interesting articles, product highlights, and announcements each week.


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