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Today's Manufacturer Focus - RUSKIN®

By Jeff Love, EIT

As I continue to educate myself as most engineers just love to do, I have been enjoying reading about the history of the manufacturers we represent. Ruskin® is my focus today.

Anyone can go to a website and read about the history of a company. We can watch ads, watch marketing campaigns, and from all this information we form an opinion. When I view this history, this story, I can be nothing but impressed. Three words stand out to me when I read about Ruskin®:

  • Innovation

  • Empowers

  • Consultation

Ruskin® is an innovator. They have proven this fact time and again from the 1967 patent of their control damper linkage system to being the first manufacturer to receive Miami-Dade County, FL approval for louver use in hurricane-resistant buildings in 1992. Innovation continued with the 2006 LEADS louver engineering and design software, then the introduction in 2017 of the TDP-5K thermal dispersion air measurement system, and the 2021 release of a new line of ceiling fire dampers. This short list is just a snapshot. I appreciate innovation as I am sure you do, too.

Ruskin® empowers its product representatives. How? Well, we can revisit the constant choice to keep innovating that we have seen over 65 years. We have the best products available to use in our building designs. The wide range of products available gives us options for almost all scenarios, and if a custom product is needed, Ruskin® is available with custom design-and-build solutions. Tools to succeed, quality manufacturing, and an extensive catalog of products, these all lead to one fact, Ruskin® empowers its product representatives. In turn, this Rep support empowers the customer.

Ruskin® is available for consultation. Not all manufacturers are created equal. Some have rigid product lines, and some do not have a solid support network to answer questions. Ruskin® has spent the time and resources to create a Rep network that functions at an extremely high level by providing customers and Reps with the ability to ask questions and seek out custom solutions by being available for consultation. Ruskin® puts in the time and effort to ensure customer success.

I encourage you to become well informed about Ruskin® and the many products they offer.

Here is a handy PDF showing the Ruskin® Line Card:


Jeff Love is the Marketing Engineer with Langendorf Supply Co. - Indianapolis. Keep watch for more interesting articles, product highlights, and announcements each week.

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